Beautiful Los Angeles Women

Tara Rice


Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue/Green

Measurements: 34c-25-34

Shoe: 8 1/2

Dress: size 2



Twitter: tarariceactress

Hobbies/Interest: Running, Hiking, Swimming, Pilates, Dancing, Snowboarding & Traveling

Career: Actress, Model, Spokesmodel, TV Host, Poker Player, Stunt Performer & Pageant Director

Skills: Improv, Teleprompter, Interviewing, Memorizing Scripts, Good Listener & Communicator

Philanthropist: Member of Soroptimist International of Santa Clarita Valley (4 years), Soroptimist International improves the lives of women and children in her community and around the world. Chair Member of the Annual Non Profit Soroptimist Fiesta Poker Tournament (3 years) helping Susan G Komen, bringing awareness to stopping human trafficking, domestic violence center & a member of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

My mission in life is to help others and travel the world!

Interesting Fact: Adrenaline Junkie

Best Quality: Entrepreneur

Worst Quality: Spread myself thin trying to do too many things at the same time.

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Sports: Basketball & Horse racing

Favorite All Time Movie: Dirty Dancing

Favorite Music: Dance-Pop

Favorite All Time Music Performer: Madonna

Model I admire: Cindy Crawford

Role Model: Marilyn Monroe

Tara's adventurous spirit is what initially ushered her into the bright lights of Hollywood. The hopeful young model entered the Miss Teen California All American pageant in 2000 and on a whim, ended up winning the crown! Tara gives credit to all the years of dance performance growing up which helped her achieve poise and confidence on stage. Rice spent most of her childhood and teen years revolving her time around her passion for dance. Her continuous training and dedication through out high school dancing on a award winning dance team lead her to land in the spotlight of many music videos including Britney Spears, Sugar Ray and George Michael. Her title as Miss Teen CA was just the start of what is now a successful modeling, acting and hosting career. While that's all impressive Rice even put herself through college pursuing a BA in Liberal Studies. During college, she was professionally taught how to play No Limit Texas Hold'em by a couple of the most respected professional poker players.

Born and raised with Six Flags Magic Mountain in her own backyard, it shouldn't come as much surprise that Tara Rice is a self-described adrenaline junkie. The Valencia, California native has basically done it all: from sky diving to scuba diving with sharks to controlling an L-39 Fighter Jet for Destination X TV, the sky is the limit for the beautiful dare devil. She was a host for Destination X, an adventure sports show aired worldwide. The past four years Rice has enjoyed interviewing celebrities, sports athletes and professional poker players.

The last films she worked on included being a featured stunt performer on "Piranha 3D" and starring actress of "Hitting The Nuts". Rice also took on co-executive producer rights of Hitting The Nuts. Her experience has encouraged her to find a new passion in producing. In addition, Rice is also produced two commercials for a product that she's extremely passionate about- Zrii, a superior nutritional drink and Nutriiveda, a 100% all natural meal replacement product. Most recently she wrapped up a supporting role on a film called Semente Mala.

If you watch commercials you may even catch her on TV! She's been in over 20 national commercials. The most recent commercial was a Budlight commercial title UFC, 2011.

Taylor Wane

Born August 27th under the astrological sign of Virgo in Gateshead, UK, this British bombshell with crystal green eyes now resides in Los Angeles. Taylor, graced with beauty and brains is a certified nutritionist, a video editor, graphic designer, photographer, dancer, singer, and makeup artist. And to top it off, she can cook. Taylor Wane is a very popular host on PLAYBOY/SPICE Radio as well as a Celebrity Editor. You can catch her shows on Wed 9 pm PST SIRIUS/XM 103. She even has her very own comic book series called VAMPTRIX.

Taylor Wane has also been written about dozens of times in Tabloids and books around the world. Taylor has recorded several original tracks as well as a Christmas Song on a Charity Christmas Album. She has also made many movie appearances in such movies as See No Evil, State Of Play, Frost Nixon, and A Beautiful Life, and TV shows such as Nip Tuck, Millionaire Match Maker, many of Gene Simmons’ shows, MTV Awards, 90210, Unscrewed, Attack Of the Show, The Howard Stern Show, INKED, New Zealand Music Network, V.I.P Passport, High Maintenance, NCIS, G4, CBS Defenders, and My Bare Lady among many others. Taylor even has a song written about her, Nobody’s Perfect.

Favorite Stage Shows/Broadway: Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia, Chicago, Jersey Boys

Favorite Movies: Interview With a Vampire, Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, Fight Club, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, As Good as it Gets, Natural Born Killers, American History X, Immortal Beloved, True Romance, Tombstone.

Favorite Foods: sushi, raw or steamed vegetables, fruit, chicken soup, nothing fried or cooked with fats, no red meat.

Favorite Part of a Man's Body: strong arms, hard abs, nice firm ASS

Turn Ons: kissing, tight sexy abs, strong arms, bubble baths, massages, and intelligence

Preferred First Date: a champagne dinner, roses, a night club with dancing, a lavish get away with all the amenities, and then…

When she is not listening to Lady Gaga, Pink, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Nora Jones, Eminem, or Christina Aguilera (so many to name), she enjoys working out, hiking, running, singing, shopping, reading, and movies.

One of the Original Stars of the industries FREEDOM OF SPEECH poster, Taylor has taking her talents and hand to many ventures and is not slowing down. Keep up with TAYLOR'S ever growing Resume on her websites , , and

She also adds to her credits Unofficial WORLD RECORD for Most Amount of Karma Sutra Positions performed in under 60 seconds. That record remains intact.

Pamela Jean Noble

The entertainment industry is very difficult to get into, but through all my hard work and my passion for every aspect of this industry it has seemed to get my foot in the door. I have taken part in numerous supporting roles in films, commercials, music videos, and photo shoots. I started this whole adventure at the young age of 5 years old in acting and singing and just continued working my way in. At 19 I finally got my first big taste of success when I landed the lead role of Mary in the movie Resurrection Mary. After this film I decided to try my hand at modeling also. In January 2009 I got my first feature in a magazine as the All American Model in Surf Illustrated and in October 2009 I landed a 10 page spread in High Speed Magazine. Since then I have been working for numerous companies in either promo modeling, print work, or fashion shows. As far as singing I have recorded with The Renegades and am now doing some recording with Devante from Jodeci. I don't want everyone to think my life has been a fairytale however. I've been through some hardships whether it was in the industry, with my family, or with love. But I am happy with where I am at in life right now and am finally comfortable with who I am. I don't believe girls should go through life relying on their looks the least bit, so I made sure that I graduated with honors from high school and at the moment I am a full time at Cal State San Bernardino. In the looks department I wasn't too blessed early on either all throughout middle school and somewhat through high school I was definitely one of the kids you'd label a nerd, never even having a boyfriend until sophomore year in high school while half of my pupils had one in third grade. But overall all of this has made me a very humble person and thankful for everything I have been able to do up to this point. I am a huge dork, I love to laugh and be silly, I love to eat, and I'm definite tomboy. When it comes to this business though I am definitely a business woman and am very serious when it comes to anything I do in the industry- After all, it is my passion!

Amanda Rea AKA Amanda Encore

Pop vocalist, Actress and Model Amanda Rea (Aka Amanda Encore) is a perfect example of a person with patience, passion & drive. In 2003, a 15-year old Amanda teamed up with a producer in NYC and recorded her first original song. Posting the track on MySpace, Amanda attracted the attention of dance/pop record producer Jason Nevins in 2005, who had expressed his interest in working with her.

After a few years, Amanda was approached by Jason to put together a girl group through Sony Music. Amanda and Jason recorded a demo for audition purposes and took it to Sony’s headquarters in New York City. But after hearing the demo at the meeting, Sony’s VP was so impressed with Amanda that he offered to sign her as a solo artist. Signing a deal with Sony Publishing and Ultra Records in 2010, via Nevco Productions, Amanda had finally emerged into the major label scene. After shooting her music video in London, she went back to NYC to focus on her acting career.

After packing up and recently moving to LA on a whim with less than Three-hundred dollars in her pocket, she is determined to go after her dreams and branch out into the acting scene. After 8 months of being in LA, Amanda will be working on filming her first movie starting spring 2011. As she is also working her way up into the Modeling scene doing various print & catalogue work. As for her music, she is teaming up with Jason Nevins' other hot new artist Jerry Robinson on their next record. So be on the look out for it soon!!!!

Amanda is also a contracted artist with, and Sears. She is very passionate about her art and is hoping to branch out in all of the above. Upon her career path thus far, Amanda acknowledges that with great material, patience and determination, anything is possible.

Cindy Gomez

Photos by Dave Stewart

And then the heavens gave birth to - Cindy Gomez - a Toronto raised Goddess of Colombian and Belgian descent… Taking Los Angeles and the world by storm, this woman gives new meaning to the words “beautiful and exotic.” The former Miss Latin Canada can sing in 8 languages, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Hindi, Cantonese and Mandarin. Influenced by her grandmother on her father’s side who sang opera and played piano, Cindy was exposed early to a variety of musical styles that also included classical music, Spanish songs and Edith Piaf records, opening other doors later to Spanish-language television shows in Canada and Mexico.

Featured in various publications such as Macleans, FHM Singapore, Prestige Magazine France, Elle Magazine, La Guia, Zink Magazine and Fast Company, Cindy made her big introduction to the music scene in a most unorthodox way. She was introduced to 40 million mobile handsets worldwide. Cindy has become a pioneer by becoming the first artist to make her debut in a mobile game, “Dance Fabulous” on N-Gage by Nokia, through collaboration between the Finnish handset manufacturer and Interscope Records. Included in the game is a dancing avatar of Cindy and five of her songs which positioned her at the forefront of a trend that marries music with mobile entertainment. During Cindy’s European promotional tour to promote “Dance Fabulous,” she also appeared in Vienna for LifeBall, Europe’s largest AIDS-related charity event, where she performed a new song that she and Stewart co-wrote and donated called “I Bring You Love,” to a live audience of 70,000 which was also broadcast live throughout Europe at the opening Ceremony. Follow Cindy on Facebook,her site, Myspace, and Twitter,, and watch this bright light shine as she releases her 1st Spanish Album called "FUEGO FATAL" on April 30th. The album consists of 5 songs- one of which is written by Dave Stewart & Shakira! From April 30th for one week via my website: the first single called "EL MUNDO" will be given away for free.