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Laura Wilde

Photo by Wayne Posner

Laura Wilde is an award-winning lead guitarist, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Driven by her obsessive love of music, Laura has penned over 100 songs and played over 100 shows internationally. Her past fascination for old-style blues and rock music resulted in her being invited to open for such artists as diverse as Fuel, Shinedown and Ted Nugent. She was even invited to play a private acoustic show for the Saudi Arabian Royal family.

Photo by T.J. Scott

Originally from Melbourne Australia, her talent on both guitar and bass quickly made Laura a heavily sought after musician which led her to work with a who’s who of Australian artists. She also worked for a time as a presenter on Beat TV as well as being part of the house band of Australia’s Got Talent which brought her much recognition.

Photo by Shawn Evans

After years spent traveling the US and UK, writing with a variety of artists and months in the studio alone honing her skills, Laura is excited to share the fruits of her labor. Her relentless quest to find a modern sound that she could call her own has been the catalyst for her evolution into a master of her craft.

Written by Lisa Garratt

Follow this new face of rock on her social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TopSpot: @laurawilde, LauraWilde.com, and YouTube. See her "Sold My Soul" below.

Photo by John Barry

Following her move to Los Angeles, Laura began work on her debut album, Sold My Soul. On the back of it’s release she promptly set off on 3 national USA tours and played over 150 tour dates within two years. Here Laura received many accolades and rave reviews whilst playing arenas, theaters and clubs across America. She was later invited on a tour of the UK where she was as warmly embraced as she was in the USA.

During this time, Laura also earned the title of ‘Best New Female Artist’ and was honored at the ‘Vegas Rocks Music Awards’ sharing the stage with the legendary Zakk Wylde and DJ Ashba.


Born in Malaysia, raised in Australia, and living in Los Angeles, Che’Nelle is a truly unique blend of culture and genres, infusing traditional pop with elements of rock, hip-hop, and R&B to incorporate the different cultures that she’s experienced. Discovered on Myspace, then quickly signed to Virgin Music and then catapulted into a star in Japan, Che’Nelle has quickly become a household name. Opening for Kanye West’s Australian Tour in 2006 and co-writing, “Can’t Breathe” with Leona Lewis, Che’Nelle has made a name for herself. Her first album “Things Happen for a Reason” (2007) was certified gold status by the Recording Industry Association of Japan and won Concept Album of the Year in the Japan Gold Disc Awards. In 2012, her song “Baby I Love U” was nominated for the Japan MTV Video Music Awards. And by 2013, she secured four awards in the Japan Gold Disc Awards: Western Artist of the Year, Western Album of the Year (“Believe”), Song of the Year by Download (“Believe”), and Best 3 Western Albums. Solidifying her presence in America, this year we see Che’Nelle being signed to Pitbull’s very own label Mr. 305 Inc, coupled with her existing international fame, and her ability to seamlessly bring together different genres and cultures, Che’Nelle is equipped and excited to take on the States. “It’s everything that I’ve been working towards, and it lays the groundwork for even bigger things to come.” Che’Nelle states.

Follow Che'Nelle on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Chenelleworld.com, and YouTube. Now, see her two videos below entitled, "Strut," and "Hello."

Sam Lapides And The Rotten Liars

Sam Lapides and the Rotten Liars formed in early 2014 in Los Angeles, CA with Sam Lapides, on lead vocals and guitar, Paul Rutter on Bass/BU Vocals, Cliff Conley on Guitar and Aaron Gutierrez on drums. All veterans of the music scene and coming from different parts of the world, Sam, Cliff, Paul and Aaron, have melded an eclectic sound consisting of rock, R&B, blues, folk, and pop. The songs they perform, all written by Sam Lapides, cover a wide range of topics and styles ranging from a bluesy break up song, to an upbeat dreamy dance tune. The showcase of songs comes from a library of music written by Sam Lapides over a course of 20+ years. Sam, who comes from New Jersey but now lives in Los Angeles, has performed most of these songs on various national and world tours. He has recorded for various independent record labels. Clifford, hailing from, Chicago, has performed with many R&B royalties such as The Chi-Lites and Eugene Record and performed on many albums for Warner Bros. Records, CBS Records, and Mercury. Cliff’s guitar playing has transformed Sam’s songs by adding his distinct Blues and R & B style. Cliff, also known as the quiet Liar, has only driven a car once in his life. Aaron a Los Angeles native that has playing music all over the country for various artists for over 30 years now. He has years of live and studio experience with various styles of music. Formally trained by the late great drummer, Ed Shaughnessy, legendary jazz/big band drummer, Aaron got his professional start with studio work for TV productions and documentaries. Bassist Paul Rutter hails from Australia. He is a seasoned musician, playing more than 30 years of of rock and rock fusion with bands on Sydney's Northern beaches and Central Coast area. He has been a regular bass player for such performers as Roni Francois, Peter Healy, The Rewbies, and Phil Edgeley His rock solid bass lines complete the Liars’ sound. We just released a 5 song CD which can be ordered through CD Baby or contacting me. https://www.facebook.com/SamLapidesRottenLiars

Debbie Goodman and Friends

Singer/songwriter Debbie Goodman went from rocking "music row" in Nashville, Tennessee to jamming "the strip" in Los Angeles, California. She went from touring the eastern coast of the United States fronting a rock band, to playing every place you've heard of from the House of Blues to The Viper Room, with just her voice and her guitar. Debbie Goodman and Friends adds percussionist, Preston Gray, and killer bassist, Janette Matthews to the mix. You'll see this 3-piece rocking every venue in the LA area.

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

-John Lennon (1940-1980)

Follow Debbie Goodman And Friends on her links below and also her great videos after the links:




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Princess X

Princess X is an American dance-pop singer-songwriter who appeared on American Idol (season 10) as Inessa Lee. Her early song "Insane in F#" was aired on November 5, 2011 in the Lifetime original movie Cheyenne, a part of "Five for the Cure," directed by Penelope Spheeris.

In 2011, Princess X co-wrote "You Turn Me On" that was nominated for a 2011 HMMA Hollywood Music in Media Award (Dance Category) and was a finalist in the 2011 ISC International Songwriting Competition (Dance/Electronica). In December 2011, Princess X selected 4 winners among 53 new remixes from talented musicians around the world including USA, UK, France, Germany, and Sweden.

Released in January 2013, Princess X's "Gimme All (Ring My Bell)" is a modern interpolation of the disco-era classic "Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward. The new song is a dance-pop composition with electro influence that interpolates the recurrent elements of the 1979 classic, with new remixes by Grammy-nominated Ralphi Rosario, Mark Picchiotti, Almighty, and Hoxton Whores. The music video shows a vampire love story that features Princess X as a seductive vamp woman who captivates a man with her spells. "Gimme All (Ring My Bell)" entered the U.K. Commercial Pop chart Top 30 in December 2012 and peaked at No. 9 in February 2013. "Gimme All (Ring My Bell)" entered the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart Top 50 in February 2013 and Top 30 in March 2013.

In 2013, Princess X released the mobile game "Be.X" for Android smartphones. Be.X features dance/pop, dub, club mix, and progressive house music from the "Gimme All (Ring My Bell)" and "Gimme All (Ring My Bell) [Progressive House Remix]" albums. Follow her on her website,www.princessxmusic.com, Facebook, www.facebook.com/PrincessXMusic, Twitter, www.twitter.com/followprincessx, and her Youtube video below:

Fans Of Jimmy Century

Invited to the Grammy Foundation Event “Play it Forward” taking place in Los Angeles on February 7th, Fans of Jimmy Century is an independent electronic/alternative dance group initially from San Francisco. Just this past year, they relocated to Las Vegas for several reasons. They are preparing to star in a movie entitled, “Mr. Las Vegas,” an idea inspired by the Fans of Jimmy Century song also entitled, “Mr. Las Vegas” (a tribute to Wayne Newton. The tentatively shooting date is March 2013. The movie is about a secret agent escapade/musical comedy similar to Best in Show meets Austin Powers meets James Bond. The film will be directed by Billy Clift of the Montgomery Clift family. The film will also feature Las Vegas celebrities and entertainers.

Fans of Jimmy Century is helmed by sultry vocalist Alicia Peron and guitarist Victor James who is often mistaken for Criss Angel.

Formed in 2006, the band is best known for their song “Hot Sahara.” The single and additional tracks have been consistently selected for key placements in several popular television shows such as The L Word, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, The Real Housewives of New York and Ugly Betty.

“Hot Sahara” was also featured in several popular 2011 major feature film releases such Columbia Pictures' "Bad Teacher" starring Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake, and Warner Bros.' "Hall Pass" starring Owen Wilson featured "Hot Sahara," "Lola Like This," and "Your Crying Game" in the DVD bonus features of both films this past summer.

Fans of Jimmy Century’s exciting and theatrical performances have made them a favorite on the West Coast festival circuit, sharing the stage with artists such as Lady GaGa, Cyndi Lauper, Shiny Toy Guns, The English Beat and Berlin. Check out their video of Hot Sahara below.

Julie C

Photograph by Jennifer Mary

Julie C, also known as Julie Chang Schulman, is an explosive lyricist, educator, and advocate. Emceeing since her early teens, Julie C hails from the legendary Alpha Platoon crew of Seattle, a dynamic underground collective that has produced some of the most influential and stylistically advanced artists and groups in the Northwest. As she watched the Hip Hop movement evolve parallel to her own growth into womanhood, she began community organizing and cultural advocacy in her early twenties with 206 Zulu, Seattle's chapter of Universal Zulu Nation. Since then, she has been blessed to connect with some of Hip Hop's most powerful grassroots organizations, serving as education committee member of Hip Hop Association, and later as Northwest Regional Coordinator of Hip Hop Congress. In addition to this, she has also served on the board of Reclaim the Media, taught Hip Hop and media literacy through El Centro de La Raza's Hope for Youth Program, Seattle Urban Debate League, and Umojafest P.E.A.C.E Center, as well written freelance and for the People's Tribune. More recently, Julie C has been a pivotal force in organizing Hip Hop Occupies to Decolonize. She is also a proud family member of Brain Child Learning Center where she has taught, developed curriculum, and fostered academic excellence for 1st generation Asian American youth for almost 10 years.

Photogrph by Jennifer Mary

As an artist, Julie C boasts a discography of over forty mixtapes, compilations, soundtracks, and album guest spots. She is featured prominently on the 2008 compilation Love or Fate, and linked with B Girl Mediato release the Knox Family E.P in 2010. In May of 2011, she released her first solo project since her early teens with BGM. This project, entitled the Sliding Scale E.P, is available free for download here.Precocious beyond her years, she mixes a high level of intelligence and political commentary with street savvy slang and verbal prowess.

Boys Like Girls

Crazy World

In the 21st century, it's extremely easy to get distracted. We're tethered to our devices and constantly pulled in countless directions. We've got smartphones, laptops, and Wi-Fi everywhere, and it seems like attention is almost too precious of a commodity to even be held.

"Life in 2012 is so crazy," declares Boys Like Girls’ singer and songwriter Martin Johnson. "Whether you're working or going to school, it's insane how fragmented everything can be. Music is the only thing that still holds people together."

While making the platinum-selling quartet's third album, Crazy World [Columbia Records], Johnson underwent a serious creative transformation. Radio had embraced the pulsating sounds of electronic dance and club music, and it seemed like rock was being swept under the proverbial rug. In 2010, Johnson began writing and recording with that popular landscape in mind, but it didn't click for him. So, he took a trip to Nashville.

"I was trying to conform to what was happening at radio rather than conform to who I was as a musician," he sighs. "We decided to take some time off and collect ourselves. I went down to Nashville and wrote a ton of songs in early 2011. I hung out and experienced the culture too. I wanted to approach music from a different perspective. It's so laptop-based in Los Angeles and New York. Real players still exist in Nashville and that inspired me. I went back to L.A., showed the guys what I was working on, and we went into the studio immediately."

The result is an album that bristles with the group's inherent energy, but also boasts irresistible pop rock elegance. Johnson assumed production duties himself, and the band cut eleven diverse anthems that run the gamut from the shimmering "First Time" to the heartfelt piano ballad "Leaving California".

About his role behind the board, Johnson comments, "It was a really different process, and it was a great way for us to bond in the studio. This was our opportunity to collectively say, 'This is not what the machine created. This is what we created.' We spoke out and made an album that felt right to us."

It's going to feel right to the band's faithful and new fans as well. The first single "Be Your Everything" sails on a massive hook that's instantly infectious and invigorating.

About the song, the frontman goes on, "It's a great transition from where the band was. We came from a wall of guitars, and the sound has evolved. Lyrically, it's a straightforward love song, inviting a specific girl in. The only time I really express my feelings is when I'm writing music. That's how it's been since I was a little kid. This song is the moment when it becomes okay to say, I love you."

At the same time, there's the hand-clap stomp of "Life of the Party," which lives up to its moniker. In a world preoccupied with tragedy and its own end, Johnson urges to let go and live a little during the track's unforgettable refrain.

"Enjoy your life while you're still alive," he smiles. "When it all comes crashing down, where are you going to be? It's about having a great time in the moment because you never know when it's going to be gone."

Boys Like Girls—Johnson, Paul DiGiovanni [Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals], John Keefe [Drums], Morgan Dorr [Bass, Backing Vocals]—have certainly been making the most of their time since they burst onto the scene in 2006 with the release of their gold-selling eponymous debut. The album moved over 718,000 copies and its first single, "The Great Escape," reached the top of the pop charts, selling 1.6 million-plus copies. Together with 2009's Love Drunk, the band has sold over 1.17 million albums and 8 million tracks worldwide. They also remain a digital juggernaut with over 4.4 million Facebook fans, over 40 million YouTube/VEVO views, and 165,000 Twitter followers.

Most importantly though, Crazy World is the next level for the band, which Johnson founded in the suburbs of Boston, MA back in 2005. "I'm no longer an 18-year-old just stoked on hooking up with girls, drinking Bud Light, and playing fast pop punk," he divulges. "You experience things in life, and you realize you have one chance to say something as a musician and create something great that feels honest to you. This is that chance."

So what are Boys Like Girls ultimately saying?

"Crazy World takes you to a different place," Johnson concludes. "That was the point. Everything is so hyperactive and the digital distractions can be overwhelming. Step aside in this Crazy World and experience the things that truly matter."

Shirley Levi

Shirley Levi (AKA: Miss Muzik) is a Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Activist living in Los Angeles. She's CEO of her own label, Re-Bel Visionary Music which she founded as a vehicle to develop and expose herself as a true artist and to eventually help other artists in the spirit of independence. Shirley Levi is a self-taught musician who writes and produces all her own music. Under the pseudonym DJ SFL, Shirley Levi remixes her own music, which has helped her gain respect amongst top DJs, spreading her music onto dance floors worldwide. Shirley Levi is one of the few artists that not only writes all her own lyrics and music but she also produces and oversees every facet of production down to the art of mastering. She also writes, produces, directs and edits all her own music videos. Being such a self-sufficient artist has really given her a strong voice, helping her to develop a unique style that is all her own. Shirley Levi's music is Pop blended with Rock, Folk, Electronic/Dance, Adult Contemporary and World Music. Usually mixing all of these styles together would be an obstacle for most performers, but Shirley Levi has managed do this in such an artful way that it has turned out to be her calling card: Flawlessly blending many styles into one. Her powerful and timeless hit music is filled with heartfelt melodies and unique haunting vocals, which fuse western and world influences. Her distinct style sets her apart from everyone. Her music and performances are theatrical, epic and extremely dynamic. Unlike most artists who stick with the same formula, Shirley's songwriting, production, and emotional dynamic in her vocals and melodies are extremely diverse. Her intense stage presence and attitude outshines even seasoned performers. Because she is a self-taught hit-maker with the ability to write, sing and speak in so many languages & genres flawlessly, Shirley Levi's appeal crosses generational, cultural & gender boundaries. Shirley Levi is gaining notoriety and creating a big buzz in Hollywood with her unforgettable performances on the same stages that helped break Amy Winehouse, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, The Ramones and many other top artists. Because of Shirley Levi's fierce, determined and tireless independent guerilla marketing efforts in promoting her hit songs, her website has grown to over 18,000,000 hits since it first launched in 2007. Shirley Levi is currently The Most Played Pop Artist on Akon's Hitlab. Her hit songs are also featured and growing on Clear Channel's iHeartRadio on over 750 stations across the USA. Shirley Levi's music is also being played on radio stations all around the world. Hit tracks, like "Your Eyes", have been remixed by some of the top DJs around the world and have reached the top of the dance charts all over Europe.

Shirley Levi's music contains powerful, positive and mystical messages that speak a universal language with no barriers, reaching all demographics, faiths, and cultures, drawing people from all walks of life. She is also known for being an outspoken advocate for autism awareness and many other important causes. Because of her unwavering devotion to these causes she started her own non-profit called MUSIC ON MY SHOULDER. The Purpose of Shirley Levi's charity work is to use the undeniable power of MUSIC & ART to help with Autism Awareness, Hunger Relief, Equality For All, Peace & other Humanitarian Issues, which affect mankind's well-being. Her numerous radio interviews and TV performances for Autism Awareness have helped to spread her messages around the world. Shirley Levi also supports artists’ rights and believes that EVERYBODY should have a voice and a forum for self-expression. She believes that the mainstream media does not reflect the true voice of authentic artists and is fighting to change that! Shirley Levi is a REBEL WITH A CAUSE!

"I take deep, spiritual, and visionary ideas and then simplify them in my music so that they can be easily understood. I tend to see the world in a very fairytale-like way. My music really reflects that purity which seems to draw little kids who respond very strongly and enthusiastically to it. My album “Break Free” contains inspirational lyrics for anyone who is following their dream. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST. Don't wait for someone else to make it happen. See your own vision through till the end no matter what. I gave birth to my songs as a means to survive and overcome my own personal struggles. "BREAK FREE" represents my quest to be heard and to reach my full potential in this life. It was also intended to help others on their quest to find their own voice and go after their dreams. I had so many faithless influences in my life, which as I look back at in retrospect really helped to serve as G-D's intention to make me fight as hard as I could! Of course luv is quite present in my work as well. I am definitely a lover at heart. Who says you can't be a lover and a fighter?" - Shirley Levi

Even before Shirley Levi began to speak, she already knew that music, singing and performing were her true callings. She always knew that she was destined to flee Iran and come to America to pursue her dreams. Before moving to the USA, while on a trip to New York, her parents heard the name Shirley and fell in love with it. That's how, even before they knew they would eventually escape Iran, she came to be given the American name Shirley. Coincidentally, Shirley Levi means "Sing to me from the heart" when translated from her mom's native language of Hebrew. This validates even more that Shirley Levi was meant to sing from the heart! As a proud & patriotic US citizen who was once an immigrant, Shirley Levi is making the most of her freedom by expressing her strong voice through her music and art. Her messages are inspiring a generation who never thought they'd have a voice or find personal and artistic freedom. A great deal of her musical works, art and designs pay homage to American culture and its spirit of independence.

Recording Artist/Activist, Shirley Levi is accomplished, self-taught painter who experiments with anything she can get her hands on to make her visions come to life. They are breathtaking, symbolic landscapes of the emotions and spiritual explorations, which she has embarked on throughout her life. Many of her paintings are also visual journeys through her music and lyrics, containing many of the same titles and themes. They are mystical and prophetic, based on her personal dreams, visions and struggles. Although self-taught there are elements of Symbolic Art, Abstract Art, Classical Greek Art, Roman Art, French Impressionism & Expressionism all mixed with the figurative in a whimsical, childlike furor of emotion. Shirley Levi's paintings are currently in private collections all around the world and are highly regarded as visionary, captivating and thought provoking.

"Breaking Free" Art by Shirley Levi

Her underground spirit and originality give hope to all other artists who don't fit into any specific genre of music yet can achieve great recognition and have a large worldwide audience. "Stand Up For What You BELIEVE!" - Shirley Levi

Recording Artist/Activist Shirley Levi's new line of apparel called T-Shirley was launched by popular demand from her fans that admire her unique personal style & attitude. With very little money for wardrobe and an anarchist-like vision for expressing her creative, unique & edgy fashion sense, Shirley Levi began to create her own personal signature style of wardrobe by painting, cutting & remaking her clothes like art. Her T-Shirley line will stand for her fierce voice & independence as a determined underground artist who's Music & Art aims at helping the world with slogans like "Stand Up For What You BELIEVE!", "FUTURE BELONGS TO US!", "RUN!" & "BREAK FREE". Her trademark T-Shirley brand is finally available to her fans all over the world! Look out every month for new innovative designs made personally by Shirley Levi based on her music & lyrics. Check back every month for more new designs personally created by Shirley Levi!

Her underground spirit and originality give hope to all other artists who don't fit into any specific genre of music yet can achieve great recognition and have a large worldwide audience. "Stand Up For What You BELIEVE!" - Shirley Levi

Now for Shirley Levi's videos "Your Eyes" and "Te Amo"

Scilla is a pop/rock singer/songwriter from Switzerland. She has had considerable media exposure in Switzerland having been on several major radio and TV shows including Switzerland’s Got Talent” in 2012. She reached 3rd place at the Swiss-Italian final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 and reached the TOP 10 nationally at the Swiss final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, which was broadcast live on three major TV stations (SF1/RTS/RSI). She performed her song Barbie Doll which was co-written with Rafael Moreira, former guitarist for Pink, Christina Aguilera and also toured with Paul Stanley of KISS. Scilla was chosen among 500 contestants and has had extensive radio exposure on RETE1, RETE3 and DRS3 where she earned over 12,000 online votes from listeners, a testament to her strong appeal.

Watch her GUESS sponsored performance at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Born in Lugano, Switzerland, Scilla speaks English, Italian, German, Swiss German and French. Her passion for being on stage was noticed at an early age. She was singing opera at age twelve at the Swiss-Italian Conservatory before exploring other genres such as pop, rock, R&B, blues, and musical theater at the Academy of Voice in Milan. After graduating from high school in 2008, where her emphasis was on mathematics and science, Scilla decided to focus on her artistic career. She was accepted at the highly respected School of Music in Milan, founded by Saverio Marconi, a well known Italian Artistic Director.

Scilla earned a degree in Music Business from the Musician’s Institute of Hollywood in 2011 and is pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter while studying music production at UCLA and acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. She gained valuable experience at The Collective where she worked for the manager of former Guns n’ Roses guitarist, Slash. Her pop-rock style of music is influenced by the work of Pink, No Doubt, The Runnaways, Anouk, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. She loves to perform live and is currently playing at clubs in the Hollywood area.

Scilla’s talent was recognized and endorsed by GUESS in Switzerland and she is now developing a new partnership between music and fashion in Los Angeles while working on her new EP, produced by Darryl Swann, who has worked with prominent artists including Macy Gray, Black Eyed Peas, Mos Def among others. Also check out

Scilla - performing "Nasty Naughty Boy" by Christina Aguilera on "Switzerland's got Talent" below:






Toni Monroe

“The BIGGEST name in the GAME”

In an industry saturated with booty shaking females and dudes oozing with street credibility...Enter TONI MONROE, a Cali-bred MC from LOS ANGELES, armed with the GRIND of a hustler, the lyrical flow of a VETERAN, and a style to make even the most skeptical critic take a second look. Although Hip-Hop allowed her to find her voice, it has been a struggle. Being WHITE, (JEWISH to be exact) A FEMALE, and a B.B.W. (Big Beautiful Woman) in an industry dominated by black males, where only a few great female MC’s have made their mark, Toni’s mission is to spark, inspire and motivate change. “The voices of women in hip hop are almost absent these days…Anybody can rap, but when you take a step back, and really put thought into what you’re saying, it opens up for dialogue…and now we are teaching.” Whether you’re BLACK, WHITE, GAY or STRAIGHT, BIG or SMALL...YOUNG or OLD, Toni Monroe = (equals) ONE SIZE that FITS ALL!

With her underground notoriety on lock, she is definitely turning heads for all of the right reasons. Toni never thought Hip-Hop was created for just one race or culture, but instead an outlet for anyone to express their innermost thoughts, good or bad, through the universal language of music. She has turned what most would see as a roadblock into a door opener, being a Jewish Female, in a VERY Voluptuous package, radiating True Star Quality! Toni Monroe has been on her GRIND for over half a decade. She’s finally set to make her mark in the industry. She’s studied the art, MASTERED her CRAFT and PAID her dues. She is fully MARINATED, thoroughly SEASONED and poised for SUCCESS. The road hasn’t been an easy one. From hearing time and again things like, “She’s FAT and WHITE” to “How can we ever market this?” She’s been pushed down and pushed out! But all of this REJECTION has fueled a fire within Toni Monroe to become the illest “CHICK/Female MC” in the game, and nothing is going to stop her!

Embraced by many talented MC’s, who recognize her extraordinary gift and talented vocals, Toni has opened shows for many successful and iconic artists such as: E-40, Lil Kim, Mobb Deep, Nelly, Ice Cube, MC Hammer, WC, BoneThugs-N-Harmony, DJ Quik, and Fat Joe, to name a few. Her rising success and increasing buzz has placed her in an elite group of the Top 3 Female MC’s, according to Female Rap West Coast Icon “The Lady of Rage”. Not only will this seasoned MC blow your mind with her testimony and array of songs taking you from one mood to the next, but she is a renowned song writer and accomplished producer, who has been working behind the scenes for many years, crafting many musical masterpieces for many artists, working across the board with her hand in every genre of music. They say “Big things have small beginnings” well that’s true, in a world where SIZE MATTERS, and in the case of Toni Monroe, BIG is definitely Better! Check out her videos below.

Eliza DeAngeles

Born in London England at a pivotal turn point in music history, Eliza DeAngeles is the offspring to a Sunset Strip Rock n' Roll booking agent, and she as well as has the honour of sharing the same birthday as her grandmother Elizabeth.

Growing up, Eliza and her sisters were privy to the countless tales of their mothers involvement in getting getting bands to play the Whiskey-A-Go-Go during the 60's and 70's. Her upbringing also involved being exposed to a wide variety of music... from Rock to Motown, Tchaikovsky to Miles Davis, Country to Pop... and her mothers fondness for the piano and guitar.

All of this heavily influenced Eliza's passion for music, which oddly enough, she claims "Hotel California" as an early influence... "It was the Eagles that first brought any kind of emotion to me. It's engrained in me because that song was from one of the albums my mum used to play alot, when we would go visit my father".

While in her teens, it was her older sister that took the stage first, as part of an R&B group, which prompted her aspirations to make her move into the music world. That, and probably the release of a little known album titled 'Jagged Little Pill' by a virtual unknown singer named Alanis Morissette, may have fueled something even deeper. "She really went for it. She had alot to say, and really deep... aggressively. And I kinda always felt that in music, there was this Level you weren't supposed to cross...but she crossed it, and I felt she gave me the drive to do what I want in music". Besides Morissete, Eliza lists Tracy Chapman as a major influence "It's the simplicity in her, and how powerful the simple things she says are". Adam Levine from Maroon 5 is also an influence, as well as Bob Marley "I love music where people have something constructive to say. He always had something... he's uplifting. You could jam to it, and it wasn't too heavy. Music with a message. Music with a Positive Affirmation. Music with a heartfelt spin. Real earthy roots music... that's what I like".

Moving from London to the U.S. left Eliza with a decision: Nashville or Los Angeles? Most of her early writing had been written in an Acoustic Folk genre at the time... "That was due to the influence of emotions that was going on... of how i felt... a very dark & broken time, which reflects in the first album". Yet, as a songwriter, her love & desire for words and music has spilled into several genres. Making Los Angeles her home, allowed her this opportunity to become 'flexible' in her songwriting, for her and for other artists. "I think that's where being British comes in as well, because I have a very vast vocabulary. London's a melting pot. The cultures are vast, and so is the music". Up until now, Eliza's songwriting has been passionately flexible, from her early acoustic folk, to rock, pop and hip-hop. Assembling the short-lived All-Female Rock Quartet "Suicide Sirens" garnered her an even wider audience for her lyrics, topics and vocal abilities.

Currently, Eliza has been eyeing & appraising the Blues arena for her upcoming musical endeavor. "I feel like i'm alot more confident musically now. I'm gonna test myself a little bit more in this new year. I'm gonna push my vocals a little bit more, and push my abilities a little bit deeper, because that's where I'm at in my life".

And as for her Voice, it has matured in a raw & natural fashion. The years of combining the elements that spurred her passion early on, now displays self-assuredness, as she fine tunes her skills to take on 2012 with a whole new sound, complete with a new perspective and set of emotions.



Former Principal Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra at the famous Stolarsky Special High School of Odessa (Ukraine); founding Music Director of the Odessa Chamber Orchestra, in 1986 the First prize Winner at the National Competition of Chamber Orchestras, guest conductor of numerous orchestras, he is currently President of the DMG Music Association, Inc. Gregory Cherninsky was born in Odessa, Ukraine. After graduating musical college, he studied conducting and music theory at the Conservatory of Odessa under the tutelage of Igor Simovich. Mr. Cherninsky started his professional career as Music Director and Conductor of the Odessa’s Boys Chorus. In 1977 he gathered together well-known musicians in Odessa to create the Chamber Orchestra of Odessa. He was conductor of the orchestra for 11 years. During this time the Chamber Orchestra of Odessa won first prize at the National Competition of Chambers Orchestras. As a result, it performed numerous concerts all over the former Soviet Union. In 1982 Mr. Cherninsky became conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra and was appointed Principal Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra at Stolarsky Special High School. Together with the Chamber Orchestra of Odessa, Gregory Cherninsky participated in many Chamber Music Festivals, such as “White Nights,” St. Petersburg, (Russia); “Komitas,” Yerevan, (Armenia); and “White Acacia,” Odessa, (Ukraine).

In 1988 Gregory Cherninsky emigrated to the United States with his family. He now lives in Los Angeles, California. In 2001 he joined “The David Nowakowsky Foundation” and served as a Director and Conductor of “The David Nowakowsky International Music Festival.” Cherninsky still works as an editor of the David Nowakowsky archives, editing and arranging the composer’s manuscripts for publications and/or performance.

In 2003, Mr. Cherninsky founded the Beverly Hills International Music Festival and Master Classes. As a Music Director and Founder of the BHIMF, he devoted all his time to this event.

The Beverly Hills International Music Festival has a new home for training young musicians and concerts.

Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, one of the important congregations on the Westside of Los Angeles, has invited the Beverly Hills International Music Festival to be a part of their summer program.

This will be our 9th season bringing exciting and eclectic chamber music to the Westside. We invite young musicians from all over the world to join us in a broad and colorful spectrum of arts experiences, including learning from international guest artists and giving recitals for some of the entertainment capital of the world's most important personalities.

The Beverly Hills International Music Festival offers public performance opportunities as well as intensive study for young musicians in one of the world’s premier entertainment centers. The Festival is designed to provide talented instrumentalists and vocalists a chance to learn from some of the world's leading musicians, to improve their technical and expressive musical skills, and to perform before leading entertainment specialists. Young artists will never forget their time with our outstanding faculty. Daily coaching and Master Classes will offer students the opportunity to interact with the faculty. In addition, the faculty provides help on individual chamber music parts and individual solo repertoires during private lessons. In addition to learning new repertoire, developing new techniques, expanding a general knowledge of important chamber music pieces, hearing performances by internationally acclaimed musicians, and performing themselves with other participants in several concert settings, students also make new friends and do a little sightseeing as well.


Terry Dexter

Her name is familiar. You've probably heard of her before, and you may have even heard the full-range of her indelible vocal skills and unmistakable, impassioned voice on the works of other recording artists and soundtracks. She is perhaps best known for her 1999 Warner Bros. Records debut, the self-titled release Terry Dexter which spawned two singles “Better Than Me” and “Strayed Away”, both of which charted in the top 20 R&B on BILLBOARD and her 2008 critically acclaimed “Listen” release and single “I’m Free” which also charted on BILLBOARD. But Terry's also known as a “singers singer,” and artists like mentor Patti LaBelle ( Terry co-wrote patti’s single “Anything” featuring Kanye West and Mary Mary ), Jaheim, Eric Benet (that’s her soaring voice you hear on Benet's remix of the number one hit, “Spend My Life With You”), Jazz great Paul Taylor, the group Black Eye Peas and a solo Will.i.am have all called upon her for guest appearances on their albums. She has also worked with other music greats such as George Duke who has called on her to co write and record for various projects and Wyonna Judd and Michael Mcdonald, who she performed and recorded alongside on the Hurricane Katrina record “Heart of America” also a theme song for Habitat for humanity.

A multi-talented artist, Terry’s lent her songwriting skills and voice to television, film scores and soundtracks such as “Legally Blonde”, “Rush Hour”, “Bring It On 2”, “Deck The Halls” and “Not Easily Broken” “The L Word”, “Kings and Queens”, and most recently NBC’S “The Playboy Club” a musical TV show centered in the 1960’s. Terrys voice was featured on 6 songs in the show including the theme song which Terry also co-wrote. Her soulful rendition of “Walk Like A Man” was also featured on the show, and as a single on the shows aligning soundtrack on the label Verve. She made her acting debut in the 2003 feature film “Deliver Us From Eva” in which she also performed a goose-bump inducing rendition of “Amazing Grace”.

Born and raised in Detroit around the heavy influence of Motown Soul and gospel Terry was also exposed and inspired by another Detroit born sound and that was electronica. She achieved international success with her dance single remix “Better Than Me” which charted at #2 on the Billboard dance chart and “If You Wanna” with Chicago soul/electronic music legend Roy Davis Jr. which also charted. She’s released numerous national/international singles again with Roy Davis Jr. Steve Hurley, Hex Hector, and Kolonik.

In 2007 Terry added another untapped talent to her brand by securing the lead role as Tyme Prentice in the musical stage play “Love In The Nick Of Tyme”. This #1 stage play production was written and directed by award winning playwright and film director David E. Talbert. In her first role as an actor Terry played to mostly sold out audiences at major theatres such as The Beacon in New York City and 3 sold out nights at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. She also filmed a live film version of the production which has been released on DVD and airs repeatedly on national cable television.

Terry will make her return to the R&B/soul music scene with a renewed growth and in raw form. The first singles off this collection and new collaboration with the label Rock Room Recordings are titled, “Sunshine” and “ Disappointed”.

Johnny Got A Lighter

Johnny Got a Lighter was established in 2008 as the local band transported from the grounds of the San Fernando Valley. The band was constructed by pure fate when drummer, Tib Van Dyke worked at the neighborhood video store and was asked to join a group by one of his customers, Jose Montijo – from there the group formulated a melodious bond that is bound to overcome the stage and kill the radio.

Added members to the band included Alex Cooper and Ricky Salazar who brought more structure to the sound with their individual talents. Although they didn’t have much, except for quality sound and a distinctive rhythm, nothing was stopping them from moving forward. Before the name Johnny Got a Lighter was decided upon, the band was known as both The Tibsters and as Video Store. They performed, without a singer, at a few small venues in the San Fernando Valley area. With the addition of Rhiana Lewis as lead vocalist in 2009, new songs were written and old songs were given lyrics. JGAL, as they were now also known, began playing in earnest. They played in venues all over Southern California. In late 2010, the band went through a change in line up. Jose left the band, Rhiana picked up the guitar as rhythm guitarist, Bob by Vasquez replaced a departing Alex on bass guitar and Ricky brought in keyboards in addition to his role as lead guitarist. In addition to writing and performing new songs, the band spent the next year working with various industry professionals to refine their sound and record a four-track demo with renounced producer, Daniel Balistocky. Johnny Got a Lighter plans to continue building their fan base, performing in and around Los Angeles with a tour planned for 2012.

Johnny Got a Lighter, Los Angeles native band established in 2008. Creating an innovative sound to the music culture. Visit www.johnnygotalighter.com for more information and news on your new favorite band.

Amy Schugar

Before working with Michael Schenker and getting Japanese Record Deal , Amy Schugar had been developing her skills as a songwriter, arranger, singer and guitarist. Amy came from a musical background from the start. Her God Mother is the very famous Amalia Mendoza and her Mother was a famous Bullfighter in the 50's and singer named Carla Lee, featured in a book called "Women and the Bullring" by Murial Feiner. A chance meeting with Mr. Schenker (UFO, Scorpions, MSG) while attending an Eric Johnson Concert, Amy was noticed by Mr. Schenker as she was singing and playing Eric's 57-59 Stratocaster on the side of the stage. Michael was impressed with what he heard and saw, and the two began their songwriting collaboration. The duo recorded the album "Under Construction", featuring Schenker's soulful guitar playing and Amy's magical voice. The Recent Release is Sold in Japan and signed on Avalon Records and includes a bonus track. The album can also be found on Amy's Home Page at www.amyschugar.com and on CD BABY. Amy was a special guest with MSG on their Fall/Winter 2003 tour, playing songs of Michaels/MSG, while showcasing Amy's guitar skills and the Schugar/Schenker album.

Amy has received many endorsement deals with great companies like Best GuitarCables and Electronics,Daisy Rock Guitars, Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems, D'Addario Strings, Seymour Duncan, Fernandez Sustainer's and Robert Keeley Electronics and is featured in countless music trade magazines and internet webzines and was featured in GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE and BURRNS MAGAZINE in Japan. Amy continues to write songs consistent with her bluesy melodic Rock and Roll style.

Anna Sentina

Anna Sentina has been playing music since she can remember. First starting with piano, she began formal piano training at the age of eight, started playing guitar at twelve, then began slapping the bass at thirteen. Anna’s mother greatly influenced her start in the metal genre by introducing rock bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Iron Maiden into Anna and her twin brother, Ricky’s lives. At the age of twelve, Anna started The School of Rock. There, she learned the true meaning of being in a band and playing live shows regularly. At fourteen, Anna went on tour with The School of Rock All Stars. Only her and another member of The School of Rock in her branch were asked to learn a selection of songs from the Woodstock era, meet and practice with the other 23 School of Rock Students selected from the entire base of students of SORs around California at the Hollywood school for two days, then head out and tour the USA’s west coast for fifteen days performing songs played during Woodstock (1969). Anna played guitar, bass, and piano on the tour. This group of students played at venues including The Whisky on Sunset Blvd, The Mint, The Glass House, Universal Studios, Musician’s Institute, The Hardrock Café (Phoenix), and Venice Beach. It was a life-changing experience for Anna. After the tour, she knew this was what she wanted to set her heart and mind to. She went on another West Coast Tour with the All Stars at fifteen, performing in venues all over Las Vegas, Reno, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Phoenix. Anna continued with The School of Rock until she hit sixteen.

She started doing covers of popular metal, hardcore, and rock songs to post on YouTube and is continuing to do so. Anna has been in several bands during her music career. Now at seventeen, she is currently in a post-hardcore metal band called The Empire Within. The members include Anna on bass, Anna’s twin brother Ricky Sentina on guitar, Josh Bernstein also on guitar, Devin Slubowski on drums, Jensen Crouch doing screaming vocals and Jake Ingrande doing clean vocals. The Empire Within has been together since the beginning of 2012 and came out with their single “Challenge” in Mid-April. Their first show was on April 28th, 2012 at SOMA San Diego Mainstage and was a huge success. They are eager to play many more shows in the near future. The Empire Within will be recording again during the summer. Anna also participates in acoustic shows, playing originals and medleys of popular songs.

Anna’s major influences include artists ranging from the 1960s until the 21st century: Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Flea, Jason King, and John Petrucci. She will be graduating high school this year and will be attending a University next year. Anna says she will be running her YouTube and performing live shows “for ever” Her major goal in her music career is to be a part of the few female musicians who have made huge contributions to the world of Metal and for her work to be remembered. Youtube below!


CHANTELLE BARRY’s music is soulful and organic. With such a broad range of musical influences from Jason Mraz, The Beatles, Ingrid Michaelson, Elvis Presley, Doris Day and Sade (to name a few) Chantelle is undoubtedly “an old soul with a new sound”.

Australian native, Chantelle Barry first caught the public’s eye in 2000 when she won Australia’s version of POPSTARS, earning a coveted spot in the all-girl pop group, Bardot. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Chantelle has returned to her singer/songwriter roots and independently released her debut solo album ‘Simple Things’ which she toured in Australia at the end of 2009, featuring a performance on Good Morning Australia. She has just released her 2nd album ‘Songbird’ which she co-produced alongside writing partner Scott Whyte.

Chantelle was selected to be an official featured artist of the 2012 Canadian Music Festival.

Her songwriting has garnered her a 1st Place in the UK Songwriting Contest for her song ‘YOU’ which is currently in rotation on radio in the mid west, Top 5 Finalist in Songwriters Universe ‘Song Of The Month’ contest, a 1st & 3rd place in the Song of the Year songwriting contest and Top 10 in the Music Nation online music competition. Chantelle was also nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for best song ‘LOVE SOMEONE’ & ‘TAKE A WALK WITH ME’ as well as having both songs placed on various films this year.

Chantelle has toured the LA music scene for 5 years including the renowned Genghis Cohen, Hotel Cafe, Harvelles, Room 5 Lounge, Tangier, Saint Rocke, The Cat Club & The Mint.

When not in the studio you can find Chantelle on both the big and small screens. She has starred in several feature films including a cameo appearance in Universal Pictures ‘Couples Retreat’ and has most recently guest starred on Entourage (HBO), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 90210 (CW) and ‘The Paul Reiser Show’ (NBC). She is currently in pre-production to star in the next Kevin VanHook film “Jason and The Necronauts” playing Queen Medea starring opposite Casper VanDien. www.ChantelleBarry.com