Spotlight Of A Los Angeles 5-Star Restaurant

The Geisha House

Located at 6633 Hollywood Blvd, this glamorous place was once the hole-in-the-wall, Studio Cafe, my old stomping grounds, where struggling musicians, writers, and other art people sought stardom and fame. Gang members hung outside the door for no reason, and the strangest people you could ever meet drank at the very small bar. I lived about a half a block from this place on Cherokee Ave. As the years progress, the bar changed management, and the once Karaoke jukebox bar changed into a celebrity hang out with fine Asian cuisine and beautiful Geisha girls. The Geisha House has become a hip high-end hang out for people that want to be seen and mingle with the in-crowd. The food is a Japanese infusion with a twist and rare sushi is available. An assortment of sake awaits your lips and the Geisha girls continuously flirt with you. You can engage the hip clientele and the beautiful people or you can kick back and enjoy the melody. The Geisha House is a unique experience. I know because I was there.