Los Angeles Poetry

Talking Emotions

Alone I shed

My sorrow’s plight.

I look for rapture

My soul's delight.

Echoes still pouncing

Each day anew.

My heart still rains,

Blue blue blue.

Each day each night,

Through toil and sinew,

My rain still fights,

It still loves you.

Image so gray

Such blinding sun,

Without your presence,

My life's a gun.

Shades so dark

Without your kiss,

No more mornings,

No more bliss.

I miss your glee.

I miss your smile.

I cannot sleep.

It's been awhile.

And though I'm void,

Each morning wake,

Your memories give birth,

Like my life's at stake.

I thought to venture,

To lay it on the line.

But my pride would not surrender,

I ran out of time.

By: Johnathan Leonard Mills

I'm Building A House

My house is sturdy in constitution,

Upright in every way.

It is reinforced with fortitude,

And insulated in every escape.

The walls are collapsible,

But that's in case,

More room is needed for expansion.

And my ceiling will be low,

So I can feel big about myself,

And my floor will be covered with white carpet,

So that I may see the tracks I have made.

And my bedroom will be small,

So that it concentrates intimacy.

But my study will be large,

For it is big ideas that emerge.

And there will be many rooms,

Because I express myself in many ways,

But the most important thing about this house,

Is that I'm building it,

Inside of me.

By:Johnathan Leonard Mills

...And When We Danced, the World Stood Still

To my woman to be

...And when our eyes met,

we became as one,

and your beauty cast forth,

the scent of your love.

It eluded me at first,

And then it came...

Flailing from the air.

It encompassed my mind and body,

As your tenderness embraced me.

Your love entranced me,

As you kissed me,

Gently behind the ear.

And the warmth of your love

Enraptured me,

As the bonds of your body

Caressed me.

And we danced,

And we danced,

While the world stood still

By: Johnathan Leonard Mills