The Los Angeles Music Magazine Promotion Service

Arising in the year 1998, The Los Angeles Music Magazine, LLC, is a multi-level cross platform. This means we network on a national and international level with various music professionals, music scenes and venues, record label A&R, studios – music and film, music engineers and producers, television, digital media, and all things music around the world. We also cater to individuals or companies outside the music industry with a customized profile.

Our promotional package includes submissions to magazines, radio stations on air and internet, television, movie studios for film scores, and all things digital media.

We maintain your social media presence. The Los Angeles Music Magazine, LLC is an international media juggernaut. We create and market your electronic press kit (EPK) to Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Mypace, Badoo (China), Reverbnation, Sound Cloud, and the list is endless with new discoveries.

We do this for $125 per month. We are already at the next level. Let us bring you there. Contact us at, so we can prove to you that you made an excellent choice.